Will Disney Lorcana Cards Be Digital?

Disney Lorcana is the highly anticipated trading card game from Ravensburger North America featuring characters licensed from the Walt Disney Corporation.

Many other trading card games have digital components to them, including games like Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. Some trading card games are completely digital, like Marvel Snap — featuring characters from the Marvel Universe, which is owned by Disney.

Mickey Mouse - Brave Little Tailor - Lorcana Card
Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor – Lorcana Card

The popularity of digital trading card games has led many to ask if Disney Lorcana will be available as a digital system at the same time the Lorcana cards are released for retail sale in 2023.

According to the official Twitter account for Disney Lorcana as of January 17, 2023, there are not yet any digital elements to the game that have been confirmed. 

A user going by the name @EmptyApartment asked, “No talks of a digital version yet right?” In response the official Lorcana account responded, “Sorry, we have not confirmed any digital elements yet.”

Several prospective users have predicted that there will eventually be a digital version of Lorcana, but that if it is released to the public that will come some time after the official cards are released and available for sale.

One fan (@coflorcana) noted, “I’m sure at some point there will be a digital client but I would be surprised to see a digital client at the start.” Another (@CardGameCaptain), said, “The digital version probably will come some time later.”

Mouse TCG will continue to monitor developments regarding the availability of digital Disney Lorcana cards and will update with information and rumors as they are released.

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