What Is Disney Lorcana?

Disney Lorcana is a collectible trading card game (TCG) featuring characters from Walt Disney and published by Ravensburger North America. Ravensburger is also the publisher of the Disney Villainous board game.

Disney Lorcana D23 2022 Release Set
Disney Lorcana D23 2022 Release Set

A collectible trading card game is a game that is played with dueling decks of custom playing cards using a specific rule system. Each card has specific powers and capabilities that are used against players to lower their score, eventually finding a winner.

Popular trading card games include Magic the Gathering and the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Lorcana is not the first trading card game from Disney. Disney previously released the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card game, published by The Op. That game allowed visitors to Walt Disney World theme parks to use special cards to trigger events at custom kiosks in the park.

Disney also released the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game, produced by Tomy based on the popular Kingdom Hearts series of video games from Square Enix.

D23 Premiere Card Set

Lorcana was officially revealed at the 2022 D23 Expo which was held September 9-11, 2022 at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Ravensburg had a booth at the show and sold the first publicly available Lorcana cards.

At D23 the public was able to purchase a set of seven cards. These cards featured the following characters: Mickey Mouse (Brave Little Tailor), Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook, Maleficent, Robin Hood, Elsa, and Stitch (Rock Star).

The D23 Lorcana cards were very popular and immediately sets were put up for sale on eBay with auction prices asking for thousands of dollars for cards and card sets, especially the first Mickey Mouse card.

Release Date Information

Ravensburger announced that Lorcana’s official release date is scheduled for August 18, 2023 when cards will go on sale at friendly local game stores. The cards will then go on sale at general retail stores on September 1, 2023.

Lorcana cards will also be available for sale at the 2023 Gen Con Indy gaming convention, which will be held August 3-6, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

At launch, Lorcana will go on sale in the following countries: United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. Ravensburger has not yet announced the availability of Lorcana in Asian countries, like China and Japan, where Disney branded products are extremely popular.

Lorcana’s launch languages will be English, French, and German. Ravensburger has said that the cards will be distributed based on the dominant language spoken in the countries scheduled for release. Ravensburger has not revealed if Lorcana cards will be translated into Spanish.

Lorcana Release Schedule

Lorcana cards will be released in four different sets of cards that will be published each year. Each Lorcana release will consist of 200 or more cards with original art for each card. The first set of cards for the game, for the 2023 launch, are entitled, “The First Chapter.”

Lorcana Gameplay

The official rules for Disney Lorcana have not yet been released. The official description of the card game released by Ravensburger says, “As an Illumineer, you’ll wield six magical inks to summon glimmers of Disney characters. Glimmers can appear as familiar friends or in fantastically reimagined forms. Recruit glimmers to your team as you travel through the world of Lorcana.”

Card Set Details

There will be more than 200 different Lorcana cards available for purchase when the game is launched. Cards will be released in the form of starter decks, which will include the minimum required cards to play the game. Additional cards will be released in booster packs available for purchase in packs of 12 cards.

Starter Deck Details

Lorcana First Chapter Starter Decks
Lorcana First Chapter Starter Decks

Starter decks will be released in three different sets of 60 cards featuring two of the game’s “inks.” The starter sets will be Amber and Amethyst; Emerald and Ruby; and Steel and Sapphire.

Each starter deck will include: 60 Lorcana cards, including 2 foil cards featuring the characters seen on the front of the package; 11 game tokens; a rulebook; and a booster pack containing 12 random Lorcana cards.

Booster Pack Details

Lorcana The First Chapter Booster Packs
Lorcana The First Chapter Booster Packs

Lorcana booster packs include additional cards to expand card collections, adding different characters, locations, and abilities to be played in the game.

Booster packs will include 6 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, 2 rare/super rare/or legendary cards, and 1 foil card. There will be 24 booster packs in each box of boosters.

Gift Set Details

Ravensburger is also producing a gift set of Lorcana trading cards. In the First Chapter series of cards, the two gift sets will be “Mulan – Imperial Soldiers” and “Hades – King of Olympus.”

Gift sets will include 2 oversized foil cards, 2 playable foil cards, 34 game tokens, and 4 booster packs containing 12 cards each.

Illumineers Trove Details

Disney Lorcan cards will also be available for sale as part of a collectible box called an Illumineers Trove, named for the Illumineers who are the in-game characters of Lorcana players. The trove will come in a full-art collectors box.

Illumineers Troves will include 2 deck boxes, 8 booster packs with 12 cards each, 15 game tokens, and a player’s guide.

Accessories Details

Ravensburger has announced several Disney Lorcana accessories that will be released to enhance collections.

These include a 65-count pack of card sleeves featuring a glimmer and the characters Captain Hook, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse; a deck box that can hold 85 cards featuring art with Captain Hook, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse; a fabric playmat featuring Maleficent, Maui, and Mickey Mouse; and card portfolios featuring Stitch and The Queen which can hold 64 standard cards and 8 oversized cards.

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