How To Play Multiplayer Games Of Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana is a collectible trading card game featuring Disney characters, created and published by Ravensburger.

Lorcana is not just a two player game, but can be played by groups of three or four for a multiplayer game in a style similar to Magic The Gathering’s Commander format.

Rules For Multiplayer Lorcana

In a multiplayer game of Lorcana, most of the rules are identical to a two player game. The difference in a multiplayer game is that at the end of a turn, the player to the left takes the next turn.

Also, in a multiplayer Lorcana game, if an ability card says that more than one player has to do something at the same time, start with the player whose turn it is, then move on to the player to their left until everyone has followed the rules.

Step By Step Multiplayer Lorcana Game Play

Each player brings a 60 card deck to the game.

Each player shuffles their deck.

Each player draws 7 cards from their deck to form a hand.

Players begin each game with a Lore counter (either an official Lorcana Lore counter, paper and pencil, or a 20-sided die counter) which begins at zero.

Players should also have damage tracker tokens on hand, to subtract from the Lore score as the game progresses.

Decide who goes first by flipping a coin, just choosing, or some other method of your choice.

Steps For A Turn Of Multiplayer Lorcana

Here is what happens on every turn in a multiplayer game of Lorcana:

Ready your cards: Players turn all their cards – including cards in play and in the inkwell – upright.

Set Conditions: Cards placed in a previous turn, that could not be played before, are placed alongside other cards that can now be used. Check the text on cards in play for effects that occur at the start of a turn.

Draw a Card: Players draw the top card from their deck and place it in their hand. The player going first in a game will not draw on their first turn.

Then players can do the following:

  • Place a Card: Take a card from your hand and put it on the playing area, then turn the corresponding inks sideways depending on the ink cost of the card.
  • Quest for Lore: Turn a character card to the side (exert). The number of Lore marked on the side of the card is added to the Lore counter.
  • Challenge: Turn a character card to the side (exert). Pick an opposing character card that is being exerted. Characters deal damage to each other equal to the Strength on the card. Place damage counters on each card to show how much damage they have taken. Damage is subtracted from the character’s willpower. If willpower goes to zero, the card is banished to the discard pile. Damage is permanent and continues to the next round if it is above zero.
  • Use Card Abilities: To play an ability card, turn it to the side and also the required number of cards that are in the inkwell. Then follow the instructions on the card.
  • Put A Card Into The Inkwell: Place a card face down in the inkwell so it can be used as ink for characters, ability or song actions.

After that, control is turned over to the player to the left, who repeats the steps. The first player to reach 20 Lore wins the game.

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