Disney Lorcana Tournaments And Organized Play Explained

Disney Lorcana is a collectible trading card game featuring Walt Disney characters licensed by Ravensburger North America. Lorcana is scheduled to be released in 2023. You can find a full list of every Disney Lorcana card released here.

The following post explains how tournaments and organized play for Lorcana games works.

Lorcana Organized Play Program

Ravensburger has said that organized play, in the form of Lorcana tournaments and events hosted at local game stores (LGS) are a key part of supporting the game after its release.

Ryan Miller, who co-designed Lorcana, said, “Supporting local game stores is critical to building a community around a TCG. Our goal is to not only support the longevity of our game, but also create a second home where Lorcana players and collectors can meet up to trade and play.”

Lorcana tournaments will be held at local stores and Ravensburger will provide prizes like promo cards and pins to local stores.

Types Of Lorcana Tournaments And Competitions

Ravensburger will organize two types of competitions for local stores to host for Lorcana players.

Local stores will have the choice of hosting a traditional tournament, similar to how stores have Friday Night Magic tournaments for Magic the Gathering.

Lorcana will also be available to play in the form of a 12-week, participation-based league play event hosted at local gaming stores. Local stores will award points to players for playing – whether they win or lose matches, bringing a friend to Lorcana game nights, and for teaching friends how to play the game.



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