Disney Lorcana Deckbuilding Guide

Lorcana is a collectible trading card game featuring Disney characters, published by the company Ravensburger. A game of Lorcana involves two or more player facing off each other to reach the goal of 20 Lore points. Lorcana is played from a 60 card deck of collectible trading cards.

Building a unique deck is the core mechanic behind playing Lorcana. A deck can be customized to cater to a particular playing style or theme, such as a more aggressive playing style or a deck that emphasizes a particular Disney character or type of character.

For instance, a player could create a Lorcana deck featuring characters from the Peter Pan movies, or a deck could be built around emphasizing the sidekick ally characters from multiple Disney movies.

This is a complete guide to building a deck to be played in Disney Lorcana.

What Cards Are In A Lorcana Deck?

A Lorcana deck must be composed of at least 60 cards and you can have as many cards in your deck as you want. Only four copies of any single card can be included in a Lorcana deck, but the same character can be used more than four times as long as it is a different variety of card with the character.

The cards in the deck can only come from two colors of “ink.” There are five inks in Lorcana – Amber (yellow), Emerald (green), Sapphire (blue), Amethyst (purple), Ruby (red), and Steel (grey).

Decks will have three different types of cards – Characters, Items, Actions.

Characters are the main cards that players will use to score Lore, so most cards in a deck will be character cards.

Item cards usually add some sort of bonus to assist the character card(s) that have been put in play.

Action cards are single use cards that do not stay in play. After the actions on an action card are followed, the card is placed on the discard pile.

Decks can be any mix of rarity, though a deck composed entirely of extremely rare cards will require a lot of ink to be played. An effective Lorcana deck must balance the different rarities and powers of cards, going from Uncommon cards to Super Rare to Legendary rarity.

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