Disney Lorcana Card Rarity Guide

Lorcana is a collectible trading card game featuring Disney characters, published by the company Ravensburger. Lorcana cards come in five different levels of rarity, indicating how many of the cards have been printed and available on the market.

In a collectible card game, the more rare a card is, the more likely it is that the card has strong powers and abilities that can be used in the game. The rules of Lorcana require players, called Illumineers, to earn 20 Lore points before their opponents, and powerful cards — rare cards — are a key element of building a deck to reach a winning Lore total.

This is a guide to the multiple rarities of Disney Lorcana cards.

What Is A Card’s Rarity?

The rarity of a Lorcana card will indicate how difficult it is to get a copy of that card from booster packs.

Rarity of Lorcana cards is indicated by a symbol in the middle of the bottom of the card. There are five rarities in the Lorcana TCG: gray Common, white Uncommon, bronze Rare, silver Super Rare, and golden Legendary.


Cards with the gray Common logo are the most commonly available cards within Lorcana and will make up the bulk of cards. Most cards in the starter set, booster packs and gift sets will be commons. Commons are the core cards in a trading card game and while they may not add a lot to a Lore score or attacks or defense, they form the base of a Lorcana deck.

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